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What's New?

2-7-20- PHP 7+ upgrade bugs - now fixed
2-3-20- Managing your tabs was only showing a maximum of 25 tabs. This is now fixed.
12-3-19- Ads have been removed. There will be no more ads, and we will rely on donations. Thank you for your support.
12-3-19- Fixed an issue with auto sort correct. The sort wasn't always getting fixed.
5-25-17- Added the forgotten password feature.
3-29-17- Fixed an issue when adding a new record. Occasionally on a slower connection, nothing was added due to the extra burden of advertising load. Please let me know if you still experience this issue.
2-7-17- By donating $1, you get 20 tabs instead of 5 free tabs. By donating more than $10 you get 50 tabs.
2-3-17- The classic interface no longer reloads the entire page when editing.
1-5-17- The mobile interface no longer reloads the entire page when editing.
12-6-16- The mobile interface no longer reloads the entire page when moving your links.
12-5-16- Error messages on autologin should now be fixed.
12-3-16- Fixed an issue when updating your account information: The email address could not be changed and the friendly name was not updating. Thanks to those of you who let me know.
11-26-16- The new security layer had prevented moving items in classic mode. This is now fixed.
11-25-16- Added another security layer. I'll be cryptic here.
11-23-16- Added Terms of Use Page
11-22-16- Fixed 'undefined' index errors. Updated Privacy Policy.
11-17-16- Fixed 'undefined' message on add new.
11-14-16- Fixed a sync issue when updating notes.
11-4-16- Fixed display issues on mobile Safari.
11-2-16- Added the 'Memo' feature.
10-24-16- After doing a little bit of marketing and creating a funding site, I'm back putting in new features. Next up is adding a 'Memo' which will be able to contain more words than a 'Note.'
10-24-16- Added this news page.

More features to come...don't forget to donate. Even $1 will help!